Why Cha Am?

Why Cha Am?

Cha Am is on the East coast 180 km South West of Bangkok on the Western side of the Gulf of Thailand.

Hua Hin is 25 km to the South of Cha Am (further from Bangkok). Phuket is almost 600 km South.

The Cha Am/Hua Hin region is renowned for its numerous world class golf courses. The courses are more easily accessible from Cha Am than Hua Hin and typically less than half an hour away. Visit our Golfing around Cha Am page for more golfing information!

Cha Am has long been a favourite for Thai people for their holidays. Its always busier on the weekends.

Cha Am is family friendly. This is NOT a resort town like Pattaya or Phuket with the usual ‘tourist traps’. Cha Am is relaxed though certainly not boring! You will not be harassed; you can meet friendly Thai people and enjoy open access to an unspoiled 5 kilometre beach.

Thai people escaping Bangkok for a weekend in Cha Am

The high season for tourists is from November to February coinciding with the dry season and the European winter. Temperatures are typically around 26C. The hot season is March to June with higher temperatures into the low 30 degrees and higher humidity. The wet season is from July to October. The wet season weather is not a problem for golfers with rain typically falling in a 20 minute burst late in the day if at all!