Where to Play

Where to Play

When most people think of a golf guide they think in terms of information that will help them find a golf course. There are a wide variety of golf guides online and there should be no difficulty finding one that will help you to decide which course/s you would enjoy playing.

A golf guide websites give very accurate and informative information about golf courses located all over the U.S. Every site should give you a course profile. The profile should include information such as the name of the club pro, complete course details, green fees, restaurant facilities and any other information that would help you make an informed decision. The course specifications should also be available along with any other course information. Some of the websites have all sorts of other helpful information also.

There are some sites that include volumes of information with such topics as golf equipment, golf instruction, golf vacations, golf real estate, golf jobs and even golf gifts. They can even make arrangements for you to find a new golfing partner or learn about U.S.G.A. Rules. They offer golf lessons and swing analysis while others may offer golf classifieds where you can either purchase or sell golf equipment. A good golf guide is very similar to a travel agency, they will take you anywhere you wish to go. You can find a golf vacation package that suits your needs and even make travel arrangements for you.

So what would you do if you had a vacation planned for Myrtle Beach, SC? Locate a golf guide web-site and start researching. Look for the type of resort you would like to stay at. Is there a golf course attached to the resort and if so, what is its rating? How many restaurants are available at the resort? How far is the nearest big city? These are just some of the questions that you can learn about when researching a golf guide web-site.

You should look for a great resort location, proximity to several championship golf courses, plenty of good restaurants and things to do other than play golf. A good golf guide will help you to find the ideal location for your next vacation.