Preparing For Your Trip

Preparing For Your Trip

Visitors to Thailand from most countries (including Australia, NZ, USA and the UK) can stay for up to 30 days without any special Visa requirements. There are no entry or exit charges. Just make sure your passport is up to date!

After you have packed your golfing gear you can travel light. An umbrella may be wise though they can be hired at the Golf Course.

The weather is always warm (usually around 30 degrees Celsius). As the social scene is casual you won’t need much more than sandals, shorts and shirts. Shoes are not needed apart from golf! Anything you forget or need can be bought at local markets and convenience shops at very friendly prices.

This is likely to be big enough!

Be prepared to be referred to by Thai people as a falang (a Westerner). This is not an insult! Please remember you are coming to a foreign country with a different culture and customs. Soak it up, respect and enjoy! Its not a good idea to spend your time being critical about aspects of life in Thailand that you may not understand.

Remember that Members of the Royal Family, especially the King are revered. Laws against making negative comments about them are enforced.

Cha Am banks and ATMs accept the usual credit cards and currency can be exchanged locally.

Wi Fi connections and internet cafés are available if you need email connection.

Medical services are of a high standard although health insurance is always recommended.

We suggest that you scan and email to yourself copies of your passport, air tickets and any credit cards. Recovery from a loss is then much easier!