Balls and Putting

Balls and Putting

Every golf ball has two sweet spots optimal points of contact for a longer, straighter shot. When your clubhead strikes one of them, you increase your chances of making the best shot possible. A perfectly legal way to give your game the winning edge, the handy Ball Spinner and Balance Indicator locates a ball’s sweet spots with scientific precision.

Here’s How It Works:

Place a new golf ball into the Ball Spinner and Balance Indicator chamber and slip on the dome-shaped guard. Press and hold down the power button while the sweet spot finder gyroscopically spins the ball to determine its individual variance in mass and its optimal spin axis. After about 20 seconds, while the ball is still spinning, insert the special pen through the hole in the guard to mark the ball. Simply repeat the process to find the second sweet spot.

When you tee up, place the ball with the mark pointing to an imaginary point straight back between your feet. Swing, as usual, your club will automatically strike the sweet spot!

One of the smartest ways to lower your score, our Ball Spinner and Balance Indicator is a golf accessory you won’t want to be without. Measuring a compact 2 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ and weighing in at just 4 ounces, it operates on two AA batteries (included).