New Senior Event at Burapha Golf Thailand

New Senior Event at Burapha Golf Thailand

The 18 hole divisions play 25 different courses each year, plus 6 special events. There are 9 hole tournaments each week (with prizes thanks to HowDoIGo), but at the same golf course, Riverside Golf Course. Anyone who is age 55 or older may seek application for membership. Yearly dues for the 18 hole divisions are 600 baht. The 9 hole division dues are 280 baht. Each 18 hole Division has prize money each week for 6 places in each of 4 flights, net of handicap. Each 18 hole Division also has payments for 4 Closest-to-the-pin contests each week. Results are posted on the internet. Payments are made at the end of the season.

Tournament Season starts approximately July 15th and runs through the 1st week of October.

  • Additional benefits include:
  • pre-arranged tee times
  • negotiated rates at the courses
  • approximately 6 special event tournaments throughout the season
  • camaraderie and competition that fits with your golfing ability
  • a Discussion Forum to exchange your comments with other members and rate the golf courses we play

We currently have openings for new members in all divisions.

Advances in Golf Clubs

Advances in Golf Clubs

A Golf Club Set should be made up of, according to the U.S.G.A. Rules of Golf, 14 clubs. There are the long irons 1-4, the mid irons 5-8 and the short irons, which include the 9 iron, Pitching Wedge and Sand Wedge. Next are the 1 and 3 metal woods and the putter. This has been what most people refer to as the standard set for most of the 20th Century. Todays technology has provided many more options for the modern golfer.

One of the biggest advances in golf club technology came with the advent of the Lob Wedge. Most companies now make pitching wedges in several different loft angles. Some examples are clubs that have 52, 54, 56, 58 and 60 degrees of loft. Many players that carry two wedges have to give up another club in their Golf Club Set in order to stay within the 14 club rule.

Another addition for todays Golf Club Set is the hybrid iron. A hybrid club head is shaped like a metal wood, however, it is much smaller in size. The shaft is just a bit longer than your typical 2 or 3 iron. The hybrid was designed to allow the player to hit a long, high shot that has a lot of backspin. A shot hit correctly with a hybrid will land much softer than a typical long iron due to the high amount of backspin. Once again, if a hybrid is added to the set another club has to be removed.

Usually the only two additions to the Golf Club Set have been the extra wedges and/or the hybrids. As rare as it may be, some players will carry two drivers. Phil Mickelson, notorious for his erratic driving, carried two drivers in several major tournaments. His Callaway drivers were each slightly different from the other.

A Golf Club Set is an individuals choice. The clubs that make up your set should be based on comfort and feel. Your clubs, no matter what kind they are, have to feel right. If you are more comfortable with two putters it shouldnt matter what everyone else is doing. As long as your set feels right it is long as it is within the 14 club rule!

Buying Golf Clubs

Buying Golf Clubs

Golf is a unique game in that it combines relaxation and competition, and creates the ultimate addictive game. You begin the game leisurely putting along and then begin to take the game seriously. If you truly want to take the game seriously there are some things you will need to do, starting with buying the ultimate golf clubs, the following are some tips to get you started.

Custom Clubs

The nice thing about buying golf clubs is that they can be custom fit to your specifications. It is all in the measurements. To make proper adjustments you should begin with your height and the measurement from the wrist to the floor.

The general height of a player is approximately 5 foot 2 inches and the wrist to floor length is about 34 inches. For the average player standard length clubs are perfect. However if you are significantly shorter or taller you may want to consult a golf club professional to get the optimum size club.

Testing your swing speed is probably a good idea also. Men will generally swing the club at about 75-84 miles per hour making a 5 or 6 irons the optimum club. For the ladies an average swing speed is closer to 60 miles per hour meaning a 3 iron or wood would be the best.

Most players that are of average height will not need to use custom-made golf clubs. Save yourself some money and stick with standard unless you are quite a bit taller or shorter. The right size club will give you the best accuracy and distance per swing.

Golfing Distance

Golfing Distance

We all need to be very honest about the topic of golf distance. The reason being that everyone that plays the game of golf is preoccupied with getting good distance. This article will examine the many misconceptions about shot distance.

Almost every bit of advertisement these days, whether it is about golf balls, clubs or accessories, entices the golfer by offering greater distance of some sort or another. Using our driver will give you more distance off the tee or try our new xxx golf ball for greater distance, they exclaim! In the meantime they try to convince you that distance is really number one. Golf distance has been so ingrained into our psyche that we even make sure we inquire about distance when buying just about any new golf item.

Playing good golf is more about accuracy than about distance. Granted, hitting a 275 yard drive off the tee is a great fun but if it isnt accurate and on the fairway, it wont do much to help your score. What good does it do to hit a Pitching Wedge 140 yards if it is not hit accurately? Distance is important but Ill take accuracy over distance any day. To prove my point just look at the L.P.G.A. Tour. There is no way that these excellent women golfers can hit the ball as far as most male PGA Tour Players, yet, their scores are very commensurate with men. Yes the courses they play are, for the most part shorter but this proves my point, which is that golf distance is not as important as golf accuracy.

I think every golfer needs to step back and ask themselves just how important golf distance really is to their game. Which is more worthwhile a 275 yard drive that lands in deep rough or a 240 yard drive that lands in the center of the fairway? In my view, striving for greater distance is the single biggest contributor to poor scores. Rather than swinging within themselves, many golfers try to kill the ball. This is a chronic problem which is relatively easy to correct with the use of the proper mental discipline.

Take Care of Your Clubs

Take Care of Your Clubs

Buying golf clubs is merely the first step to your championship game. You must perform routine maintenance on your golf clubs. You will occasionally be required to regrip your clubs to prevent them from coming loose. Take care of your clubs properly and they will last you a long time and save you money on replacements.

The most important aspect of buying golf clubs is proper measurements. Many people automatically assume that because a club is more expensive it is a better piece of equipment and will help them play better. In reality the more comfortable you feel using your club and the better, you maintain them the better your game will be.

Steel or Graphite?

An often-asked question when you are looking to buy golf clubs is whether to purchase steel or graphite clubs. The main difference in the two materials is weight; steel clubs are much heavier than graphite. Men who are 50 or younger are advised to use steel shafts and only resort to graphite when their swing gets slow. Women, on the other hand, should normally use the lighter weight graphite due to the fact that their swing is naturally slower.

Selecting the best Size Golf Equipment

Selecting the best Size Golf Equipment

If youre planning to dive in to the sport of golf, among the greatest and monumental moments youll have like a Phuket golfer is buying the first group of golf equipment. For those who have began out golfing by borrowing a golf club iron set from others, then youve got to make certain that what you should upgrade on yourself differs from those that you lent. You simply don’t select the same size in regards to what you used before while you should have the ability to effectively determine how big the golf equipment which will perfectly suit you. So to ensure that you to definitely avoid purchasing golf equipment which are not big enough or too big that could even potentially cause injuries, follow these easy steps we have organized for you personally.

Have somebody obtain a calculating stick or calculating tape and also have him help you in the whole process.

Step One

Initial step would be to stand straight together with your ft slightly apart when you hands are hanging beside the body. Get more information at Course in Phuket

Step Two

Bend your non-writing wrist up and be aware from the crease thats created where both hands and wrist meet. Now request your friend to be aware from it as this is the stage where he must start his calculating.

Step Three

Now put your hands to its original position but this time around, have your fingers pointing downwards.

Step Four

Have your friend to determine the crease which was produced in Step Two downwards towards the floor. You should have your friend perform the measurement two times to be able to make certain that his dimensions are correct. Once completed with the dimensions, write lower the outcomes on the sheet of paper which means you wouldn’t forget.

Step Five

Now visit a professional shop or search on the internet for that two club length charts because these can help you determine the golf equipment which have an ideal dimensions which will match you. One chart will require proper care of the size of the club according to your height as the other will show you with the changes which you may need to make so far as the size of the clubs in line with the dimensions that you simply could develop in Step Four.

What are Golf Guides

What are Golf Guides

When most people think of a golf guide they think in terms of information that will help them find a golf course. There are a wide variety of golf guides online and there should be no difficulty finding one that will help you to decide which course/s you would enjoy playing.

A golf guide websites give very accurate and informative information about golf courses located all over the U.S. Every site should give you a course profile. The profile should include information such as the name of the club pro, complete course details, green fees, restaurant facilities and any other information that would help you make an informed decision. The course specifications should also be available along with any other course information. Some of the websites have all sorts of other helpful information also.

There are some sites that include volumes of information with such topics as golf equipment, golf instruction, golf vacations, golf real estate, golf jobs and even golf gifts. They can even make arrangements for you to find a new golfing partner or learn about U.S.G.A. Rules.

Swing Basics

Swing Basics

A typical golf instruction manual should include a step by step description of all the swing basics. It should be written in a very clear and concise fashion that is easy to understand and comprehend. Included should be swing diagrams with ample explanation for each drawing. A golf instruction manual should also have plenty of photos.

Sometimes you will find a golf instruction manual to contain subject matter that relates to one particular topic such as: putting manuals, swing manuals, rule manuals, etiquette manuals and even betting manuals! Woods With a little research, I am sure that you will be able to find one that will be right for you.

The internet would be an excellent source to find a good golf instruction manual. You can obviously go to your local golf course or retail store. Another great source for golf manuals is your local library. Not that long ago manuals were only available in paper form, but now you can get all sorts of titles on DVD. I think the DVDs are great because of the ability you have to re-run each scene or segment.

Their downside is that the only way you can use them is with a DVD player. On the other hand, manuals in paperback form can be carried around with you. I have played many rounds of golf where a rule manual came in very handy to settle a discrepancy or an infraction. In fact, I would not feel comfortable playing a round of golf without one in my bag.

One golf instruction manual that I have seen deals strictly with the psychological aspect of the game. One of my old sayings is that golf is a game played mostly between your ears! That is why golf psychology is becoming a very important topic these days. Of course, there have been times when I thought I should see a shrink because of my game but that is another story altogether.

Tiger Woodsis a perfect example of the importance of golf psychology. Next time watch Tiger and note how high his level of concentration is during a tournament. He’s never down, and he’s rarely up! He knows just how destructive emotions can be while playing. Have you ever noticed how far your shots go when you are pumped? A good golf instruction manual based on this topic will make your game much more interesting and enjoyable. Isn’t that what this game is all about?

Balls and Putting

Balls and Putting

Every golf ball has two sweet spots optimal points of contact for a longer, straighter shot. When your clubhead strikes one of them, you increase your chances of making the best shot possible. A perfectly legal way to give your game the winning edge, the handy Ball Spinner and Balance Indicator locates a ball’s sweet spots with scientific precision.

Here’s How It Works:

Place a new golf ball into the Ball Spinner and Balance Indicator chamber and slip on the dome-shaped guard. Press and hold down the power button while the sweet spot finder gyroscopically spins the ball to determine its individual variance in mass and its optimal spin axis. After about 20 seconds, while the ball is still spinning, insert the special pen through the hole in the guard to mark the ball. Simply repeat the process to find the second sweet spot.

When you tee up, place the ball with the mark pointing to an imaginary point straight back between your feet. Swing, as usual, your club will automatically strike the sweet spot!

One of the smartest ways to lower your score, our Ball Spinner and Balance Indicator is a golf accessory you won’t want to be without. Measuring a compact 2 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ and weighing in at just 4 ounces, it operates on two AA batteries (included).

Beautiful Swings

Beautiful Swings

One of the most significant truisms in the game of golf is that everyone wants a better golf swing. If this is true then why doesn’t everyone have a swing like Hale Irwin? The reason is that many people just don’t want to invest the time it takes to develop a beautiful golf swing.

Let’s be honest here; some players are born with a solid silver Wedge in their hands. What I mean is that some folks, although not common, have an almost perfect swing the first time they pick up a golf club. Most children under ten years of age have a very natural and good looking swing. What tends to wreck their swing is some well-intentioned adult who tries to give them a golf lesson. If your swing is far from perfect one way to develop a better golf swing is through personal instruction, practice and playing experience. Like it or not, we almost all have swing flaws. It is a rare golfer that can self-correct them, so the need for a qualified PGA golf instructor is great.

Besides signing up for golf lessons, the next thing you must do is devise a really good practice plan and stick to it. Don’t go to the range with your whole set of clubs. Just take two clubs and concentrate on only those two for that session. An instructor can show you how to develop a better golf swing. However, you are the one that is going to have to hone it. Practising is not going to the range and just hitting a lot of balls. Practising is when you go to the range to accomplish a goal. The majority of time spent on the range should be spent with the medium to short irons because these are the scoring clubs. A better golf swing is developed through repetition, repetition and more repetition.

The one thing to remember is that even if you try hard to build a better golf swing, it may not happen as planned. Do not get discouraged because throughout golf history there have been some fairly ugly swings that have won their owners millions of dollars! Bobby Jones, who had one of the nicest looking swings in golf, once said that the only thing that matters is that your clubface is square at the point of impact.